A set of 15 Fairy Houses made by my mother, sister and me for use in my sisters wedding as center pieces for each of the tables at her Magical Forest Wedding Reception.

Elizabeth Crow - Planning g out the Different Houses

Taking all of the pieces we bought from Micheales and other craft stores we started arranging them on large round log slices that are used as bases. just to get a good idea of how much each fairy house could hold and how many settings we could make.

Susan Crow - Creating Houses, wood decking, trees and cutting flowers to size to help fill out the tree slices 

Layout and Key Component Glue Down
Each Log is drilled through for the allowed addition of lighting and then the key components are glued to the tree slices securing all the larger pieces in place and allowing us to make any needed adjustments.

Bucket House Layout

Butterfly House Layout

Butterfly Garden House Layout

Mushroom Garden House Layout

Clothesline House Layout

Rock Path House Layout

Stone Road House Layout

Table House Layout

Camping House Layout

Next we add the Grass, flowers, dirt, and any additional finishing touches such as butterflies. The grass is a fertilizer mixture doused in a mixture of 1 part glue and 3 parts water, this is to help the dirt stick to the tree slices but allow us to continue adding details, such as flowers and a fine green craft powder on top to simulate grass. As the glue in the fertilizer mixture dries it will help secure all the flowers and grass toppings creating a cohesive and secure base for the fairy Houses. 
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